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Gill Hallett in Television, Film and Shows

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Prisoner of Honour

One of Gill's earliest roles. She is the girl in the middle skipping.


The Kennington Concert

The Kennington concert was the first Gill appeared in for the Oxford Operatic Youth Theatre.



Gill appeared in two shows from this popular ITV series.


Half A Sixpence

In only her second show for the Oxford Operatic Youth Theatre, Gill was given the female lead. She and male lead Richard Green went on to appear in WHY Productions' Taking What's Mine, once again each taking the lead roles. They also sang the leads in a local demo version of Hood - The Musical.



Having had the lead in Half A Sixpence, Gill only had minor parts in this show, once again for the Oxford Operatic Youth Theatre. It was after this show that Gill joined WHY Productions and so was unable to take lead roles in future productions due to time restraints. She was however a vital part in the growth of WHY, and without her involvement we wouldn't have reached the position we are in today.


Half A Sixpence

With Gill now having filmed Taking What's Mine and doing recording on a weekly basis, she could only manage the small role of Gertie in this show. Even so she stood out among the cast with her abilities.



Only a minor role in this Hollywood motion picture. She played one of Robert Downey Junior's playthings at the king's court.


A Show Of Shows

Gill sang two songs in the show, Anything You Can Do and Safety In Numbers. By this time the Oxford Operatic Youth Theatre had changed name to The Musical Youth Company Of Oxford. This was her last show the company.


A Cider With Rosie

Again Gill only had a small background role in this production aired on ITV in 1998. In the first two pictures she is in the background on the right hand side. She is in a white dress and hat. In the bottom left picture she is again in white in the background and the bottome right picture shows a close up view as she walks past camera.


Gill has appeared in many other productions as well, including The Gatekeeper, Mystery Of Men and An Ideal Husband. We will bring pictures from these performances and any others as they become available.

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For further information, Gill can be contacted by e-mail through WHY Productions at contactwhyproductions@hotmail.com

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