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- Gill Hallett -

In 1995 Gill starred as the female lead in the Oxford Operatic Youth Theatre's version of Half A Sixpence. Laurence Williams was the musical director for this and the next show, Showstoppers. Laurence and his writing partner Phil Young were looking to work on a pop related theme after spending a lot of time on Hood The Musical and Laurence told Phil there were a number of good people in the Youth Theatre. Phil went along to see Half A Sixpence and was impressed by Gill's acting, dancing, singing and general stage presence, not to mention her obvious promotability, but he did not contact her at that time, instead waiting until seeing how she performed more modern songs in the next show, Showstoppers. He had to wait until the end of the show before hearing Gill sing and it only took a few notes in She's Like The Wind and he knew Gill would be one of the people they would approach. The next song in the Dirty Dancing segment was Time Of My Life in which Gill duetted with David McNamara. They worked excellently as a couple on stage and the initial idea was to present them as a duo fronting a larger band, but David had other commitments and so we asked Gill to work with us as a solo artist. She had a more low key role in the Youth Theatre, going on to have roles in Oklahoma and A Show Of Shows, but her main focus had shifted to being seen as a solo performer and working with WHY was a good collaboration to that end. Gill has to date been the most succesful of the prolific of the many people we have worked with, mainly due to the time and effort she put in over a long period. She also began to develop writing talents and co-wrote some of the songs on her various projects. The covers of her CD's are below.

Gill also starred in the WHY Productions film, Taking What's Mine and sang some of the songs on the soundtrack. She has also appeared in mainstream television and film, with parts in 'Barrymore', 'A Cider With Rosie', 'Restoration' and many more.

GILL HALLETT in Television, Film and Shows

See Gill's video for Kicking Punching Screaming (from the Taking What's Mine soundtrack) here:

See Gill's first promo for her first music with WHY Productions here:



Such is the catalogue of Gill's music, it would be too much to put on this main page. Instead, we decided to split the songs by album. So click on the album below and it will open up in a new page and that page will show that album's tracks.


'Say In Silence' CD cover
'Forever' CD cover
'No More Fears' CD cover
'Marion' CD cover
'Marion' CD cover
'Forever Devoted' CD Single cover
'I Dreamed A Dream' Album cover
'Love Scenes' CD cover
'Forever Devoted' CD cover
'Arms Of Love' CD cover
'On My Own' CD cover
'They're Coming' CD cover

There are more covers to add to this collection but time restricts how quickly they can be added. Any links not working yet is probably because they are currently being updated, but please feel free to reports errors on this page as it has had a recent overhaul. June 2012.

Gill Hallett Promotional Material - Click here to see some of the picture samples we sent off to promote Gill.


Click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture. All photographs and cover designs are copyright Phil Young, and cannot be reproduced or altered in any way without his express permission first.


GILL HALLETT in Television, Film and Shows

For further information only (we do not represent, nor are the agent or management company), Gill can be contacted by e-mail through WHY Productions at contactwhyproductions@hotmail.com

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