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- Phil Young -

Click here to see Phil in the 80s

Photographs by Tim Harris and James Spence


Phil Young's artistic credits go all the way back to the Sixth Form at Cheney School, Oxford, England back in the mid-eighties. Even then he was writing the lyrics to many songs, some of which are performed to this day. He and Laurence Williams, the other half of the music writing duo have between them produced over 350 songs.

His credits include the setting up of WHY Productions (commonly referred to just as WHY), a film and music-based company which seeks to promote the talents of it's performers as well as the talents of Phil and Laurence. He also co-wrote HOOD - The Musical with Laurence Williams which has had interest from some of the biggest music publishers around. The musical has so far been performed in Liverpool and looks set to hit other regions of England soon. Other recent shows by the pair are, DAY TRIP TO BETHLEHEM, CALL OF THE WORLD, GREAT BRITONS and END OF THE RAINBOW. New shows are being written and planned all the time, including a show set in Egypt and a full West End Musical show based on the movies "Sabrina" and "Sabrina Fair." Phil and Laurence also produced the soundtracks for A HILL OF BEANS and XONUS for Misfits. Both these soundtracks are available from WHY. His other major credit is the setting up the CD arm of WHY. Phil is also responsible for the photographic side of WHY, examples of which you can see on many WHY web pages.

He has also been involved with the writing of scripts and one of these was turned into the critically approved TAKING WHAT'S MINE film. A soundtrack CD of the production (written by Williams and Young) has been produced and is available from WHY.

Other current work includes a TV series, PETER AND THE PENGUINS, and four other musicals, SABRINA, MARTIN, SECOND COMING and ORDINARY GUY. Phil is also working on three other TV projects, DREAM WORLD, BEEB, and THE LOST TOYS.

He is currently revisiting some of his older scripts with the idea of updating them and releasing when appropriate. Darkness Falls, Time Stands Still, Still The Same, The Price Of Love, Staying On and Akin are all in this category.

Phil is the contact point for most of WHY's clients and as such is the 'face' of WHY, an important role taking a lot of his time. He is the co-ordinator of the many projects belonging to WHY, consulting on a daily basis with the other members of WHY, Tim Harris and Laurence Williams.


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