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- Emily Berrington -

Worked with us 2000-01

Emily first came to our attention when in Millennium Showcase performed by the Musical Youth Company Of Oxford. She showed great promise then and this was proven further when Emily played her first major role, as Bet, in their version of Oliver.

Although we only worked on one CD project with Emily, she is very fondly remembered as one of the nicest people I have ever met. Very patient, focused, friendly and always happy. It was a shame that because she was so talented, she had so many other things that called her attentions and we couldn't find time to work on any further material.

I'm sure she will make it big in either acting or singing in films or theatre one day very soon.


- The First Time -

'The First Time' main CD cover
'The First Time' back CD cover
- The First Time -

- The Downloadable Album -


Emily Berrington - The Love You've Given Me     *3

Emily Berrington - Harder Still

Emily Berrington - The First Time

Emily Berrington - You

Emily Berrington - Never Knew Love

Emily Berrington - One Second More


- Bonus Tracks -


Emily Berrington - You (Extended)

Emily Berrington - Harder Still (No Backing Vocals)

Emily Berrington - Stay With Me Tonight

Emily Berrington - Harder Still (Different Backing Vocals) 



I wish to point out that Emily recorded this material a few years ago now (from memory around 2000-2001 sort of time) and it in no way represents her current abilities, so please do not enter into any assumptions of Emily based on this material. The material on this site is now only to show the projects WHY Productions did and should not be used to judge Emily's current abilities. Equally the photographs shown below were taken at the same time and do not represent her current look or experience.


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If you wish to contact WHY Productions (not Emily - we do not represent, nor are the agent or management company for her), then please do so at this email address: contactwhyproductions@hotmail.com

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