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If left clicking on the files below, they will open up in quick time (for some reason). Therefore you need to allow time for opening the song and I believe Quick Time Player. It seems a lot quicker to right click the songs, save them to a drive and then play them there. If you have any positive comments, please feel free to write this address - E-mail 


- The Artists We Worked With - THEY SUNG THESE SONGS


Gill Hallett

Emily Barrington

Emma Peta

Fast Forward

Dreaming Spires


Lucy Hoolt

Emma Price

Debra Williams

Madie Woolgar

Laurence Williams

Hannah Baker

Perfect Strangers


The Ocean

Rachel Lynes

Vanity Flair

Alex Woolgar




These are just some of personal favourite songs at the time of creating this page. 

Alex & Madie Woolgar - The Two Of Us

Dreaming Spires - A Different Track

Dreaming Spires - If I Told You Now

Dreaming Spires - Learn

Dreaming Spires - Leaving

Dreaming Spires - What Is Life

Emma Price - Never Knew Love

Fast Forward - Is Anybody Out There

Fast Forward - Why When I Love You

Gill Hallett - Before The War (WHY005)

Gill Hallett - Forever Devoted (WHY001)     *3

Gill Hallett - Harder Still

Gill Hallett - Isn't Somebody Somewhere In Love

Gill Hallett - Oh To Be (WHY001)

Gill Hallett - One Second More - Corrected Beginning

Gill Hallett - Say In Silence (WHY005)

Gill Hallett - Say In Silence (Orchestral)

Gill Hallett - Tears Of Love (WHY005)

Gill Hallett - Tell Me What I'm Feeling (WHY001)

Gill Hallett - True Love

Gill Hallett - Unforgiven (WHY005)

Gill Hallett - When Two Hearts Die

Gill Hallett - You


Madie Woolgar - Say It's Not Over

Perfect Strangers - The One Who Knows Me

Perfect Strangers - Too Good To Be True

Vanity Flair - Three Words




*3 copyright Phil Young, Gill Hallett & Laurence Williams

*4 copyright Phil Young, Marianne Gallagher & Laurence Williams

All other material copyright Phil Young & Laurence Williams

Under no circumstances will any song copyright Phil Young be removed from this site.

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These are just some of personal favourite songs at the time of creating this page. 

Laurence Williams - All Roads Lead To Rome - Standard Version

Laurence Williams - Always Tomorrow

Laurence Williams - A Better World

Laurence Williams - Bright Shining Light (MIW version)

Laurence Williams - The Dream (remix/remade)

Laurence Williams - Final Curtain

Laurence Williams - Ghost

Laurence Williams - Girl Of Dreams (remix/remade)

Laurence Williams - Hometown

Laurence Williams - It Ain't Over

Laurence Williams - Love Song

Laurence Williams - Love Will Carry On (Full Story Mix)    - New 2012

Laurence Williams - Melanie (remix/remade)

Laurence Williams - Memory Lane (remix/remade)

Laurence Williams - No Peace No War (remix/remade)

Laurence Williams - One Day At A Time

Laurence Williams - Over

Laurence Williams - Quicksand

Laurence Williams - Stars

Laurence Williams - Visions Of You

Laurence Williams - What It Is

Laurence Williams - While I Still Breathe

Laurence Williams - Without You (MIW version)

Laurence Williams - Yours For Life

Laurence Williams - You Say Goodbye



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