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- Gill Hallett -


- I Dreamed A Dream -


This album was a moving on stage for Gill. It took some of the better songs that she had already done, and included some of the more recent songs that she had recorded and put them all on one CD project.

Once again, the inner part to the main CD front cover contained Gill's personal address details, so I deleted them off the sleeve and copied over the track listing from the back cover to fill in the gap. So this won't be the actual cover any of you really had, but it's the closest thing I'm prepared to portray on here. The pictures are all the same, the tracks are all the same, just the personal details are different.

Some very good songs on here. Too many to actually go into listing them all. Gill's versions of On My Own and Tears In Heaven are superb in my opinion. But then, so are so many others. Find your own favourites.

- I Dreamed A Dream -

'I Dreamed A Dream' main CD cover
'I Dreamed A Dream' back CD cover
- I Dreamed A Dream -

- The Downloadable Album -

Forever Devoted     *3

Stay With Me Tonight

True Love

I Dreamed A Dream     *9

Tell Me What I'm Feeling

Here Comes The Sun     *9

Right Here Waiting     *9

All The Love I Gave

Isn't Somebody Somewhere In Love

Love Scenes     *9

Say In Silence


On My Own     *9

Oh To Be

The Love You've Given Me

Who's Blaming Who

Tears in Heaven     *9

Too Good To Be True


*3 copyright Phil Young, Gill Hallett & Laurence Williams

*9 copyright respected for various composers

All other material copyright Phil Young & Laurence Williams

Under no circumstances will any song copyright Phil Young be removed from this site.

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For further information only (we do not represent, nor are the agent or management company), Gill can be contacted by e-mail through WHY Productions at contactwhyproductions@hotmail.com

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