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- Gill Hallett -


- Love Scenes -


While we were recording so many original songs with Gill, we occasionally did the odd cover here and there, and so eventually we decided to add a few more and have a whole album just of covers for Gill. The thinking was that if she got a call from a record company, she would have backing tracks and experience of singing songs they would know, as well as songs written by Williams and Young.

It now stands as a great tribute to the voice of Gill. Powerful when needed, compassionate when called for. Expressive throughout.

Please note, the last two songs had problems on the transfer from the old CD to the PC. Thanks to the old method of having a CD label you stuck on the CD in those days, nobody said the glue would eat into the CD itself and make some of it unreadable!!! Hopefully I'll find better versions eventually.

- Love Scenes -

'Love Scenes' main CD cover
'Love Scenes' back CD cover
- Love Scenes -

- The Downloadable Album -


Right Here Waiting     *9

Love Scenes     *9

Because You Loved Me     *9

Love Fool     *9

Tears In Heaven     *9

You'll See     *9

Ironic     *9

Show Me Heaven     *9

One And One     *9

Without You     *9

Champagne Supernova     *9

Lost In Your Eyes     *9

Dancing Queen     *9

Here Comes The Sun     *9

Don't Speak     *9

Knowing Me Knowing You     *9


*9 copyright respected for various composers

Under no circumstances will any song copyright Phil Young be removed from this site.

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For further information only (we do not represent, nor are the agent or management company), Gill can be contacted by e-mail through WHY Productions at contactwhyproductions@hotmail.com

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