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- Laurence Williams -


- State Of The World -


This album was a departure for Laurence. For many years, most songs had been written with Phil Young bringing around his latest lyrics and he'd be present at the writing stage for the music. On this album, due to the dues other commitments at the time, this was not possible. A very large departure from the recent albums, almost revisiting the styles of his earlier work, it was a brave direction change for Laurence, presented here for the first time with a newly created sleeve by Phil Young.

Interesting point to note on this album, is that although two of the tracks do not have vocals and so therefore are just listed as copyright Laurence Williams, they are named after two songs that Phil Young wrote, so maybe one day this album will be reissued with the vocal versions on it and then the copyright for those two tracks can change.



'State Of The World' CD cover
'State Of The World' back CD cover
- State Of The World -

- The Downloadable Album -


State Of The World


A Kiss From The Devil

Fire It Up

Crystal Debris


Dear God

Different     *1

State Of The World (Radio Edit)

Gone Too Far     *!

Splinters Of Ice

Beautiful Inside


*1 copyright Laurence Williams - mostly instrumental versions

All material copyright Phil Young & Laurence Williams

Under no circumstances will any song copyright Phil Young be removed from this site.

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For further information only (we do not represent, nor are the agent or management company), Laurence can be contacted by e-mail through WHY Productions at contactwhyproductions@hotmail.com

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