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- Fast Forward -

Fast Forward consisted of three band members, Laurence Williams, Pete Holmes and Al Zawawi. With songs written by Williams And Young the band were very popular in the local pop arena. Williams And Young, were looking for a pop direction to diversfy with the harder music of their other band, The Ocean. The Ocean eventually gave way to Fast Forward as their popularity and commitments grew. Long before WHY Productions as a concept took place, Tim Harris and Phil Young filmed some of the rehearsals and shows of Fast Forward, it is from these videos that the gallery below is formed. The music of Fast Forward was always well received and the friendship within the band made it probably the most enjoyable of all that we have worked in. After the departure of Al Zawawi, briefly Dave Faulkener joined on keyboards. The mix was never the same and Dave, Laurence and Phil went on to form The Dreaming Spires soon after.

Left: Fast Forward's Stereo Album. Sleeve design by Tim Harris. The album contains 19 songs, including all the songs form their first promo tape, as well as remixes and some rare tracks, such as 'Image Makers' and 'Arthur's Theme'. Includes the track 'Why When I Love You', that the band all danced to at Laurence's wedding. The album was produced by Ian Blunsdon and Laurence Williams at Timeless Studios.


Click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture. All photographs and cover designs are copyright Phil Young, and cannot be reproduced or altered in any way without his express permission first.


Here, for the first time, are the tracks of the excellent Fast Forward. Fondly remembered.

Fast Forward

Don't Ever Let Me Go

I'm Sending You My Heart

This Time

Why When I Love You

Hold Me In Your Dreams

I Don't Need Love

California Dreaming  *9

Sign Language

I Need To Know

Is Anybody Out There

This Time (Remix)

I Need To Know (Remix)

I Don't Need Love (Remix)

Don't Ever Let Me Go (Remix)

Sign Language (Remix)

Fast Forward (Extended Mix)

Image Makers

Arthur's Theme   *9


*9 copyright respected for various composers

All other material copyright Phil Young & Laurence Williams

Under no circumstances will any song copyright Phil Young be removed from this site.

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Fast Forward Videos

Fast Forward At Al's - Click below:


Fast Forward At Justin's Garage - Click below:



For further information only (we do not represent, nor are the agent or management company), Fast Forward can be contacted by e-mail through WHY Productions at contactwhyproductions@hotmail.com

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