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- The Ocean -

The Ocean was initially formed in 1986, when Laurence Williams teamed up with lyracist Phil Young to write a harder style of music. Tim Bishop was brought in to play bass, and Laurence played guitar. Tim had another band he was starting with at the time which had Steve Dunne on vocals. Over a couple of months the inevitable happened, and the two bands joined. With Andy Reay on drums the format was complete.

The Ocean were the biggest band in Oxford over the few years of their existance, and even when Tim Bishop left the band, success continued with new bass player Chris Selwyn. Eventually Al Zawawi funded a four track recording of The Ocean which went to number one in the Oxford charts. The Ocean split soon afterwards though, with Laurence joining Al in Fast Forward. The CD on this page is the compilation Cd, produced by Phil Young. The sleeve is based on that of Steve Dunne, used on the 'Carry Me To The River' four track.


Above: the cover to the CD compilation of The OCEAN's output.


Here, for the time, are the tracks of the excellent Ocean. Never to be forgotten.

01 Carry Me To The River    *2 

02 Liberty   *2 

03 All I Need   *2 

04 Mystic   *2 

05 Gypsy Gypsy   *2 

06 Our Father   *2 

07 El Americano   *2 

08 Jerusalem   *2 

09 Brave New England   *2 

10 Juices Like Wine   *2 

11 Rise Up   *2 

12 Saigon 66   *2 

13 Time Of The Day   *2 

14 Pray To The Trees   *2 

15 Escape

16 The Dove

17 Twisted   *2 

18 Lady Of The Lake

19 Bish   *1 

20 Pray To The Trees (Remix)   *2 

21 Escape (Remix)

22 Dove, The (Remix)

23 Twisted (Remix)   *2 


Personal comment from Phil Young - If you only play one song on this page or the entire site, choose Liberty by The Ocean. It is one of the best songs EVER written.


*1 copyright Laurence Williams - mostly instrumental versions

*2 copyright Dunne/Williams

All other material copyright Phil Young & Laurence Williams

Under no circumstances will any song copyright Phil Young be removed from this site.

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