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- Laurence Williams -

Photographs by Tim Harris and James Spence


Laurence Williams has been producing musical scores since a very young age, and with Phil Young has produced over 350 songs. He can play any musical instrument and because of this is a highly sought after music teacher. He is keen to write musicals and co-wrote the highly praised HOOD - The Musical. This musical has already been performed in Liverpool and looks set to hit other regions of England soon. Other recent shows by the pair are, DAY TRIP TO BETHLEHEM, CALL OF THE WORLD and END OF THE RAINBOW. New shows are being written and planned all the time, including a show set in Egypt and a full West End Musical show based on the movies Sabrina and Sabrina Fair. Phil and Laurence also produced the soundtracks for A HILL OF BEANS and XONUS for Misfits. Both these soundtracks are available from WHY.

Laurence has performed in many bands over the years, including Fast Forward, Dreaming Spires, The Ocean (which released a very popular single) and Free 4 All. These days Laurence tends to perform solo gigs and can be seen at many venues around Oxford and Oxfordshire. He performs his (and Phil Young's) own compositions, as well as cover versions of hit songs from the 60's to the 2000's.

He has also acted as Musical Director on a number of stage productions, including THE OXFORD GANG SHOW, and both HALF A SIXPENCE and SHOWSTOPPERS for the MUSICAL YOUTH COMPANY OF OXFORD. It was the latter show SHOWSTOPPERS which saw the creation of WHY Productions when Laurence asked Phil Young for help in getting the show filmed (Phil in turn asked Tim Harris to help).

Laurence, in common with Phil Young and Tim Harris, is keen to promote the attributes and talents of undiscovered performers who have yet to gain their big break. He has been involved with the recording of some of the many artists who record for the CD arm of WHY and has recorded three well-received CDs of his own which are sold at his gigs.


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