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WHY Productions were formed in 1995 and promoted themselves through promoting musical artists they worked with. They produced CDs, musicals and films/videos from that time also. This site is a record of the work produced from this prolific company.

Two of the founding WHY members, Laurence Williams and Phil Young, have been composing musicals & movie soundtracks for a number of years: the musicals have been performed at a number of venues by many different groups of artistes. These musicals & soundtracks are looked at in depth on this site too.

Please note, we do not represent any of the artists on this page, we simply promoted ourselves through promoting them. This is now primarily a historical site, and although we are following various projects, we have decided to take stock of the things we've already done, people we have worked with, so that our future generations can see the work we did.

At some point, WHY may resume recording with artists and making new films within the WHY stable, but until then, this is a celebration of the past, in my eyes, from my point of view, Phil Young.


- Some Of The Artists We Worked With -

Gill Hallett Laurence Williams Perfect Strangers Essence Hannah Baker Madie Woolgar
Vanity Flair Emily Berrington The Ocean Heatwaive Fast Forward Dreaming Spires
Lucy Hoult Emma Price Alex Woolgar Rachel Lynes Emma Peta Debra Williams


***** NEW - SONGS - Follow this link to hear some of our songs *****


- Film, Musical & Video Productions -

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Williams & Young - Musicals & Movie Soundtracks Taking What's Mine - Film Video Productions


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